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What's Sift?

Sift is an AI Native product to help understand, support and engage your community and customers across Discord, Slack, Github, and more. Over the last few years, we've seen everyone transform and start engaging with their customers directly over these new platforms. They are used everywhere and used for so many things - from a product to a developer api to gaming to professional networking and more. But, managing customers and communities on these products are not easy and we're here to make it better. That's where Sift comes in.

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What does it include?

We've been working closely with large communities to build the perfect sidekick for your community initiatives. Every community and customer success team wants to keep people happy, make them successful, and grow their usage over time. To make that happen, Sift gives you everything from:

  • AI-Powered Community Analytics: Classifications, Personas, Topics, Happiness and more powered by your conversations. Sift uses LLMs to deeply understand your community in ways that weren't possible before.

  • Community Native Support: Run and manage support natively on Discord. Your users live in Discord - so why don't your support tools?

  • GPT Q&A: Add a Q&A Bot in your Discord to easily answer questions that come up often in your Discord. These can be trained from your FAQs, Docs, or any other materials you have for the Bot.

How do I try it?

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